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In this article, discover what’s new at MAC!



Dear customer,

Firstly, thank you for the trust you place in our products. It is a pleasure for us to accompany you in making your projects a success.

In our quest for continuous improvement and in order to offer you products that will make your life easier on the job site, we will now offer you pre-drilled products for most of our profiles.

Please note that the MS 1 family (MS 1, MS 2, MS Modular, MS Authentic), the Versa family (Versa, Ventilated Versa, Metal Block, Ventilated Metal Block and Polymac) will now be perforated, as well as Harrywood, Harrywood PLUS, Harrywood ventilated, Norwood, Norwood ventilated, Norwood Mini, Board and Batten and Board and Batten Reverse.

This change in the perforation of our products allows the material to expand, makes it easier to screw together and allows you to install faster.

If you have any questions about this change, we invite you to contact your MAC representative, who will be able to answer all your questions.


Discover our new Farmhouse series, which includes Board and Batten and Board and Batten Inverted profiles. These profiles are the perfect combination of the timeless style so coveted in recent years and the durability of steel.

Choosing the Board and Batten series of products also means that you can enjoy style and aesthetics in your project! In addition to offering you peace of mind, MAC profiles are durable, maintenance-free and versatile.


We are pleased to offer the perfect complementary accessory for our Board and Batten and Reverse Board and Batten profiles! The Gable Ornament is available in the same colours as the Board and Batten & the Reverse Board and Batten, so you will be able to perfectly reproduce the Farmhouse look you are looking for.

Made of recycled steel, the arch is maintenance-free unlike real wooden ones. You get the look of natural wood without the maintenance that comes with it!

Click here to learn more about the new accessory


Did you know that you could schedule a “Lunch and Learn” style meeting with one of our representatives? That’s right! Whether you want to learn more about our products, their installation or to obtain more technical information, our sales team will adapt to your needs and location. Please note that we also offer presentations to obtain accreditations.

Did you know that we have made a series of installation videos available to you? These are available on our website or on our Youtube page at any time. They will help you quickly learn the subtleties that will save you time on the job site.

You’ll also find our “Trick of the Trade” videos showing you how to use a MAC bracket, how to install vertically or horizontally, or even how to install an indoor / outdoor corner. Find everything you need in one place!

Discover our brand new profiles!