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NEW! A distinct, maintenance-free look!

Discover the infinite possibilities that the Norwood Mini offers you.

For a number of years now, our lifestyle designs and even what we eat has obviously been strongly influenced by the authenticity of the culture of Scandinavian countries. An approach that is distinguished by its simplicity, volumes, and functionality.
In architecture, we’ve been noticing more and more projects using narrow strips, often made out of wood, installed vertically or horizontally as an exterior siding. Designs vary from one installation to the next, playing sometimes with multiple sets of widths, a single width or even simply as an insertion.

However, despite its rich, streamlined look, installing wood strips has scared more than a few people away. The periodic maintenance to plan for every 3 to 5 years, which requires a great deal of time and money is certainly a major factor, as are the runs and cracks that often appear too quickly.

In keeping with these influences, the NEW Norwood Mini shaped model, from MAC, with its 3 3/8-inch boards combines the charm and simplicity of this magnificent style that is more and more frequently found in modern Quebec architecture.
Used alone or combined with the Norwood and its 5 3/8-inch boards, the Norwood Mini allows you to create an infinite number of patterns. By creating a multi-width design, this product is sure to bring more depth to your project.


Made out of 100% galvanized steel, the Norwood shaped model does not require any maintenance and comes with a 40-year warranty! Available in a range of rich and unique colors that fabulously reproduce the look of wood and noble materials such as Zinc and Quartz.



Torrefied, Cedar, Scandinavian Fir, Ash Grey, Black Walnut, Smoked Birch


Brushed Zinc, Smoky Quartz, Anthracite, Renaissance Bronze


Titanium White, Titanium Black, Metallic Grey


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