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If the last few years have been marked by the sudden appearance of architectural panels as exterior cladding, they remain in the spotlight again this year.

The current trends of clean lines, strong color contrasts, and neutral color schemes that blend in with the environment are also characterized by the growing popularity of resistant materials.

This makes steel profiles a natural choice. In addition to their modern linear look and the wide range of finishes they offer, these types of siding are among the most durable available and require no maintenance.

Adaptable to all types of properties, steel siding offers you many design possibilities which blend perfectly with all styles of masonry or wood.


Increasingly popular with those who like a clean style, modern and Scandinavian-style properties are distinguished by their simplistic architecture composed of pure lines and square shapes. Once again, it is the drastic contrasts between the choice of colors and materials that are at the heart of the design realized.

Large, well-structured pale surfaces, defined by dark color accents, characterize this type of property, which has a very chic and luxurious look. Naturally, combinations of different materials, such as wood, masonry, and steel are a must and neutral colors such as black, grey, and white predominate.

For a Scandinavian look, consider some linear materials, such as MS1, which will allow you to extend the roof to an exterior surface, an increasingly popular trend.

For the addition of wood, you should know that there are high-quality coatings that are maintenance-free and that imitate the look of wood or noble materials, such as zinc, which are so popular for this type of property. Available in 13 colors, the Harrywood, with its European look, offered by Mac Metal Architectural, perfectly reproduces the look of wood with a variety of shades and grain patterns. For its part, the Norwood brings a contemporary and sophisticated touch to any architectural project. Thanks to its bevelled edge, which creates the look of a spaced plank, this type of material lends a certain depth to the design. Now available in two widths, Norwood and Norwood Mini, this product offers many installation possibilities.


For the farmhouse-style property, the trends are for sharp contrasts between the roof, color accents (door frames, windows), and large flat surfaces. In terms of design, linear cladding is the most prominent.

Incredibly timeless, the predominant colors are black or dark grey for the roof and accents of light grey and white for the exterior surfaces.

A light touch of wood can also give it a warmer look and allow you to be more imaginative.

Mac Metal Architectural suggests quality steel products that fit perfectly with the farmhouse-style property, including MS1 and MS1 Modular, which are perfectly suited for roofing and flat surfaces. Always with a view to flexibility, the MS1 Modular is available in three sizes allowing for multiple widths. These two ranges of materials are also available in several varieties of colors to match current and future trends.


If the trend was mainly centered on the marked presence of masonry and architectural stones for contemporary- and classic-style properties, in 2021, we are seeing a growing popularity for more linear and sleeker cladding.

The combination of different materials is still a great way to add depth and warmth to your project.

Although neutral colors dominate, these types of properties are distinguished from others by the lesser presence of very pale colors such as white. In contrast to the farmhouse-, Scandinavian-, or modern-style properties, white will be mainly used for color accents (door, window, columns, accent walls, etc.).

For this type of project, Mac Metal Architectural offers a wide range of materials that will blend in perfectly with any style. However, it is without a doubt Norwood which is the most popular. Made of 100% pre-painted galvanized steel, Norwood is totally maintenance free, available in a variety of colors and widths, and comes with a 40-year warranty!


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Did you know?

Mac Metal Architectural offers you durable materials made entirely of pre-painted steel that require no maintenance. Choosing steel for roofing and siding contributes to the preservation of the environment. Made from recycled materials, the durability and low rate of replacement contribute to the overall reduction of material consumption.

And if you think steel cladding gives you less flexibility in terms of color and texture, you can think again. Our options are available in a range of rich and unique colors that beautifully replicate the look and feel of wood or noble materials such as zinc and quartz.


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