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Often, shopping for new roofing rhymes with headaches and an endless collection of samples and submissions. In fact, the quantity of roofing options offered is constantly growing because of technological breakthroughs and design trends. In fact, even by only considering the most popular options, you still end up with more than you could possibly remember. So, it is to simplify your shopping that we list the following 5 reasons why steel is the better choice for your upcoming roof renovations.



Steel has a lifetime of 50 years, unlike its counterparts, which only last on average 30 years before requiring a
complete change. It is for this reason that this type of material is often referred to as “Roof for life”. Indeed, once installed, you will have peace of mind for the coming decades. Besides,
our MAC Metal Architectural products are guaranteed for 40 years.



You have probably noticed while shopping that steel is the choice that offers the most versatility when it comes to coordinating it with the rest of your house. In fact, not only does it have the largest color swatch available, but it is also possible to choose different patterns and textures to give a completely different cachet from one option to another; plus, MAC only uses the best paints system available. It really is all about your own personal taste. Steel roofing really puts the traditional asphalt shingles’ dull look and monotonous choice of colors to shame.



When comparing it to its counterparts, steel is always the one that offers the best durability. Moreover, not only will steel look like new for a longer period of time, it is recyclable so you make a responsible choice. You might argue that it is also a more expensive choice, but it is this same price gap that allows us to produce a better quality roof that will not need to be replaced anytime soon.



Steel is a maintenance-free choice, unlike wood roofing that you will need to stain and dye several times throughout its life cycle. So, not only steel is the most durable option, it does not need your hard work to keep its stunning look. So relax and watch your neighbors’ asphalt shingles curl as the seasons go by.



Steel being the most durable and the choice that offers the best quality, it makes it an ideal candidate to resist all kinds of harsh weather. You will, therefore, have peace of mind for decades to come by choosing MAC Metal Architectural steel roofs.

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