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Steel roofing and cladding have been established in the architectural community for many years.
As a premium building material, steel is known for many reasons. Extremely durable and sustainable, it will resist harsh weather and strong winds. It also has an extremely long lifespan. Steel is therefore an economical choice in the long term.

Yet, some people are reluctant to choose steel as an exterior cladding and even for roofing. Many false beliefs are still present around this durable, environmentally responsible, and robust material.

1- Negative ecological impact

This false belief persists over time. The most polluting option in terms of roofing remains asphalt shingles. They must be replaced every 15 to 20 years, compared to metal roofing which can remain intact for up to 50 years after installation.
In addition, steel is 100% recyclable, whereas each year, between 170,000 and 200,000 tons of asphalt shingles are removed from roofs and end up in landfills sites. MAC has also made it a point for many years to use 97% recycled steel in the design of its profiles.

2- Hot materials in the summer

An excellent cladding option for both roofing and siding, steel can effectively reflect solar heat back into the atmosphere. This means that steel surfaces are 37.7oC cooler than traditional materials.
In summer, the indoor temperature is therefore much lower than that of a house with an asphalt shingle roof. roof is made of asphalt shingles.


3- Few colors available

Contrary to what one might think, modern technology allows us to produce a wide range of rich and unique colors. These colors can even reproduce the look and style of noble materials such as wood, zinc, and quartz.
Among the types of cladding offered by MAC Metal Architectural is Harrywood, which is available in 14 colors. Offering a clean European look, discover it in Wood Collection colors that perfectly reproduce the appearance and look of wood with a variety of shades and grain patterns.

Norwood brings a timeless touch to any architectural project with its chamfered edge, which creates a spaced plank look. Two widths are available: the Norwood and Norwood Mini for a variety of installation options.

Unique and grandiose, the Versa provides dynamism and stature to any project thanks to its variable length height.

Contact a retailer near you to discover the many other possibilities available.

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Informed choice

Choosing steel for your exterior cladding or roofing offers peace of mind and allows you to create a design with many possibilities that will reflect your image.

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