MAC Métal Architectural carries a wide range of accessories to ensure perfectly matched colours for all galvanized steel roofing and siding projects.

Snow guards

MAC Metal Architectural carries the North West line of snow guards to prevent snow slides resulting from snow accumulated on a roof. Available in large colors selection.


Designed to meet the characteristics of the MS 14 siding. The cutter MAC Kut Hauss SX14 is the only tool recommended by MAC Architectural Metal for cutting the MS 14 siding because it will not damage the steel or the paint.


For Harrywood, Norwood, MS 14 & Mini Metal Block we highly recommand srews that are conform to ASTM B117-2000h. The use of Century MAC screws designed for these profiles is highly recommended by the manufacturer.


MAC carries standard static and louvered ventilators to match the colour of your roof.

Waterproofing membrane

We distribute some waterproofing self healing membrane adapted for steel siding products to offer everything needed to install your roof:

  • Standard adhesive membrane for use during the summer.
  • Extra-strength adhesive membrane for use during the cold season.
  • Synthetic membrane

Metal bending hand tool

MAC produces and distributes metal bending hand that will help you folding the end of the panel on sites. These 100% aluminum hand tools are both lightweight and strong.