MAC Architectural Metal offers a wide range of accessories that will allow you to properly and efficiently perform your work. In perfect harmony with our profiles and colors.

Snow guards

Intended to reduce massive snowfall on the roof, the snow barrier becomes a must for steel roofs with risk zones.

Available in a wide range of colors. MAC Metal Architectural offers two models of snow barriers. The North West barrier with its more traditional design and the Peak barrier with a more urban look.

Snow guard_VA 


Designed to allow a clean cut with all the necessary accuracy, MAC Cutter will save you time and money in the execution of your work.

Advantages :

  • Provides a cut without splinters, without rust,
  • Reduce stress on materials,
  • Do not burn the paint,
  • Do not deform the profile,
  • Creates a clean and straight cut,

Available for profiles

  • Harrywood,
  • Norwood
  • MS 14,
  • Versa,
  • Metal Block,

The MAC Cutters are available for purchase and lease. Replacement blades are also available.


For Harrywood, Norwood, MS 14 & Mini Metal Block we highly recommand srews that are conform to ASTM B117-2000h. The use of Century MAC screws designed for these profiles is highly recommended by the manufacturer.


Ask about our standard fans and four pallets matching the color of your roof.

Waterproofing membrane

We distribute some waterproofing self healing membrane adapted for steel siding products to offer everything needed to install your roof:

  • Standard adhesive membrane for use during the summer.
  • Extra-strength adhesive membrane for use during the cold season.
  • Synthetic membrane

Metal bending hand tool

MAC produces and distributes metal bending hand that will help you folding the end of the panel on sites. These 100% aluminum hand tools are both lightweight and strong.