Innovate to offer more

MAC Metal Architectural was founded in 1996 by a professional steel coatings installer eager to put its long experience in steel products to the benefit of the residential, commercial, industrial and institutional markets.

The company quickly distinguished itself by its sustained efforts in research and development, which led to innovative manufacturing processes. It is focusing on the shape of its profiles and the development of exceptional finishes and colors. Today, MAC Metal Architectural roofing and wall coverings are renowned for their aesthetics, durability, waterproofness and ease of installation.

Mac Metal Architectural can provide its roofing and steel coatings with a full range of related products (fascias, soffits and moldings) made of steel of the same color as the roof or the covering.

The company creates its own tooling, enabling it to manufacture products with special measures and specifications for architects and builders wishing to distinguish themselves.

Environment is important to us

Using steel for roofing and wall cladding contributes to a healthier environment through the durability of the product. The use of MAC steel roofs slows down the pace of their replacement, which contributes to the overall decrease in material consumption.

MAC Metal Architectural also supports its operations on a policy of recycling production residues (defective steel, scrap, samples and residues of steel used for quality tests).